What’s on MY plate?

Coming Soon: Recipes from home & abroad

I am new to Organic Farming, but I will begin an adventure doing just that at the beginning of December. I will include recipes here from the raw foods restaurant at the eco resort I work at, dishes from dining out, and tips from farmers and Costa Rican chefs. As I continue my journey to Asia (including Indonesia and Thailand) I will continue to do more of the same.

I have always been eco-conscious, but have recently become more of an activist. I started writing for the “Green” section of my local paper, The Peninsula Pulse, and paying much closer attention to where my food comes from.

Birthday Brunch

For my birthday, Colin and I visited the White Gull. As a recent convert to moral vegetarianism, I had a black bean burger. Colin went with America’s top choice: Door County cherry stuffed French toast. Everything was fresh, the service was fantastic, and the food reasonably priced and very delicious.


Black Bean Burger, White Gull

From Madison, to Door County and beyond: I am a foodie at heart, and a chef in the making. I have a basic knowledge of gardening, herbs and spices, and I’ll share all that and more during my journey. I’m quite literally starting from the ground and working up, sharing it all with you as I go.

While we’re at it, here are two links to food websites that I find to be incredibly helpful and visit frequently:


Tastespotting is a compilation of many different food blogs, and it’s a great way to use different recipes from bloggers without feeling overwhelmed in your google search bar.


This website was created by a friend and fellow journalist, and I think she’s done a wonderful job of bringing together foodies in the Madison area to share their ideas and recipes, while providing information about other websites that are great references. Lots of ideas found here, and great pictures too!

Cheers, and look forward to hearing your feedback!



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