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I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Theater (Performance) and English (Creative Writing) in May 2009. The following summer, I spent time in Madison teaching a theater camp for middle school children and interning for an arts and entertainment section of a newspaper. That fall, I moved home to Door County, Wisconsin, where I began writing for The Peninsula Pulse and working full-time at The Peninsula Players’ theatre in a garden.

The long, quiet Door County winters inspired me to visit far off places, countries I had dreamed of traveling to “someday,” like Costa Rica, Southeast Asia and India. Most of the time I traveled alone. It may sound cheesy or unoriginal, but I learned a great deal about myself when confronted with all the obstacles of backpacking. I have a few crazy stories up my sleeve as result. After a couple years of this seasonal lifestyle, my partner and I decided to take a yearlong sabbatical to New Zealand. This year I bring you stories from Auckland, the Kiwi city I currently call home.


I love the outdoors, hiking, biking, yoga and travel. My dream is to write, learn about food and sustainability, pick up new recipes and cooking methods, and to travel. I live to learn new things and meet new people. My blog includes a medley of travel stories, day-to-day musings, gardening tips, recipes and lots of pictures. Stay tuned.


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  1. Door County. It’s the thumb in the mitten that Wisconsin wears. We are a peninsula, with Green Bay on one side and Lake Michigan on the other. With so much shoreline, parks, arts and boutiques, the quaint littler Door Peninsula is a big tourist destination, and the means by which most of its inhabitants thrive. I grew up not far from the Cana Island Lighthouse (, established on a little island jutting out into Lake Michigan’s sometimes perilous shores. My sister, Samantha, and I would often bike ride down there for a summertime adventure. In high school I decided it was time to get up & out. My great escape meant attending a co-ed boarding school, Wayland Academy, founded in 1855. To Wayland I am thankful for helping me become comfortable in my own skin. Only a small jump away, into a rather large pond, was UW Madison, where I studied for five years. Last May I graduated with a degree in English (Creative Writing Emphasis) and Theatre (Acting Specialist). Now I have returned home to pursue a future in the Creative Arts.

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