A Little Lady with a Whole Lotta Oomph

Lee Ann Womack Gives A Great Performance

Little Ms. Womack didn’t let her 4-inch heels slow her down during Sunday night’s performance at the Door Community Auditorium. She and her seven-piece band brought the honky-tonk to the audience with loads of energy and enthusiasm.

The music immediately warmed up the room; Womack’s clear, country voice, the fiddle, drums, acoustic, electric and bass guitar, piano and pedal steel guitar all worked in harmony.

With plenty of pizzazz, Lee Ann Womack sang through many of her greatest hits. Her only anecdote of the evening came midway through the performance when she told the audience, “It only took me 10 years to become an overnight success,” after she moved from Texas to Nashville in an effort to hit it big.

She continued, “When I finally got my record deal, the gave me an A&R person, someone to help me line up hit songs for my album. Well I already knew all the songs I wanted to sing, so I went into that meeting with a big chip on my shoulder. We argued for awhile, him tryin’ to convince me what to sing. This song, he said, would be my first big hit. Finally I agreed, and we recorded it, and it was my first hit song. Then that man became my second husband. That’s a true story.”

That song was “The Fool,” and she did a lovely job on this lovesick slow-tune. Other highlights included, “A Little Past Little Rock,” off her 1998 album, Some Things I Know, which talks about the difficulty in leaving behind those you love:

I had to leave my life in Dallas
That town will always be you
In every crowd, on every corner
In every face I’d see you
So with nothin’ more than a tank of gas
I drove away without lookin’ back
And I guess that’s how I got where I am
Goin’ anywhere as fast as I can

And I’m a little past Little Rock
Further down the line
Too soon to know what’s up ahead
Too late to change my mind
I gotta keep my heart out of this and both hands on the wheel
I’m learnin’ more with every mile just how leaving feels
It’s a lonely stretch of blacktop out into the blue
Don’t know where I’ll go or what I’ll do
I’m a little past Little Rock
But a long way from over you

This song rang a personal note, as Womack made that exact drive out to Nashville to start her career in music.

Her pianist was fabulous, playing a number of solos. His passionate playing rang with prominent, clear notes and drew the perfect picture of a western tavern.

She ended the show with “Ashes By Now,” originally recorded by country artist Rodney Crowell. Though the country music genre has plenty of slow tunes, there seems to be an ability to change songs from something that’s a bit plaintive to upbeat, even if the lyrics tell a different story:

The moments of pleasure
Never do last
They’re gone like a suitcase
Full of your past
Long gone
And in a hurry

Baby, I can’t go through this again
I don’t need to go down more than I’ve already been
Just like a wildfire, you’re running all over town
As much as you’ve burned me baby, I should be ashes by now

Womack rocked this song – instead of it being solely about being burned by love, there was something of a phoenix in her performance. She has a gift with songs about the trials and tribulations in relationships, love gained and lost, and this was no exception.

Her vivacious personality and big smiles for the audience elicited a strong, positive response from fans. Womack gave it her all, played a variety of hit songs and was a pleasure to see perform. I know my foot was tappin’ the entire show.


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